Enhance your warehouse spaces with the PBL G2 and the PBLA

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are a critical part of the American economy. Many types of industries rely on these structures to conduct their daily business, and these businesses are big contributors to a thriving economy.

Across the US, there are 510,7881 warehouses across the U.S., and they come in all different shapes and sizes. This can bring several challenges. One of those challenges is getting the proper lighting for these massive and unique spaces.

Lighting, if done incorrectly, can cost you a lot of money in energy expenses. How much money? It can be costing you more than double the cost it needs to. It’s not uncommon to save more than 50 percent on energy expenditure when switching to LED lighting from fluorescents. LED is highly efficient, has a long lifetime, and has little to no maintenance.

But how do you know which luminaires you need? This can be a challenge, especially for warehouses that come in all shapes and sizes. We have a solution that can help. By using a combination of luminaires that complement each other, we can drastically improve the lighting in your industrial space, and save you massively in energy expenses. A couple of fixtures that work well as a team are the PBL G2 and PBLA.



The PBL G2 is a highly efficient LED high bay that’s suitable for warehouses, manufacturing and industrial applications. The PBL G2 is ideal for open spaces and general area lighting. The PBLA is also suitable for these same applications, except its strength is to be used in aisles. The PBLA directs light down into a narrow area, as opposed to unnecessarily lighting the tops of the shelves.

The PBL G2 has a wide range of output options – from 11,700 up to nearly 53,000 lumens – and has efficacies up to 179.5 lumens per watt. The PBLA, available in 4’ and 8’ lengths, ranges form 11,799 to nearly 42,000 lumens, with efficacies up to 168.3 LPW. These fixtures are significantly more efficient, and last significantly longer than their fluorescent counterparts. This means your PBLs and PBLAs should provide you years of highly efficient illumination. And with no lamps to change, maintenance will be negligible.

Both of these luminaires are available with a multitude of options – various sizes, lumen outputs, and controls. We can equip them with many different levels of controls, from basic on/off sensors to highly configurable network “IoT” modules than can integrate with building management systems.

You can learn more about these fixtures here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-QRPEnbJsY

How many of each fixture do you need? And how do you choose the right configuration and controls options?

Choosing the correct luminaires, luminaire sizes, lumen packages, number of fixtures, controls and options can be overwhelming. Our engineers can analyze a room, warehouse space, industrial space or commercial area and tell you exactly what you should use to maximize energy savings while getting the proper lighting level. We have experts on staff that can answer any question you have.

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