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LumenFocus is more than just your typical OEM.  We strive to be your preferred partner by going beyond just manufacturing high quality economical luminaires.  LumenFocus provides many services to help support your company and to provide the best lighting solutions for your clients. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the services we offer.

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Our team has decades of experience in the lighting industry. Our factory is a 100,000 square foot facility in Henderson, NC. Our staff knows the value of true quality and values the customer experience.



We proudly offer American-engineered products, assembled in the United States of domestic and foreign components. We offer a wide array of luminaire types, each with a variety of lumen packages and options, enabling us to offer very comprehensive energy avoidance lighting packages for all types of projects.

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The 'Worry Free Order' - We know that you have deadlines and schedules to maintain. Once you place an order with us, you can rest assured you will receive it when you need it, with none of the hassles. Our backend support is second to none.


At LumenFocus, there are no long waiting lines for calls. You won't get transferred to 100 different people around the globe. We have a local sales force, with local service and local support. The staff at LumenFocus has decades of experience in the lighting industry. Our engineering and R&D team works out of our North Carolina facility, where LumenFocus products are assembled. Our seasoned engineers have designed each product with the end-user in mind. We focus not only on energy efficiency, but ensuring our products are simple to handle and install in the field. We also know the value of the quick turnaround. Our team is determined to get your orders shipped quickly and efficiently - when you need them.


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LumenFocus understands that most lighting upgrades qualify for current year tax deduction, which have the potential to off-set the need for cash by as much as 60% to more than 100% of the turnkey investment to upgrade your energy efficient lighting.



An IRS-accepted and common real estate strategy to accelerate depreciation on building assets. This method of generating current-year cash is typically not considered when investing in a lighting upgrade. There are several ways to incorporate these tax incentives and LumenFocus can provide this service. If you are looking for the shortest payback, a way to off-set the need for up-front cash – and in some cases, generate immediate positive cash flow – we can help.

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We offer a customized lease option that can allow you to use the monthly energy and maintenance savings to off-set the investment to upgrade your building to energy efficient LED lighting. When you combine custom financing with accelerated depreciation, there is an immediate positive impact on cash. For more information on our tax services, e-mail us here.

Click the button below for an estimate of tax benefits request form. Please note: The results contained in this report are estimates. Actual benefits can be provided upon completion of an asset audit of your facility and review of your asset tax records by our professional engineers and forensic CPAs. Also, entering your luminaires under the "Existing Lighting" or "New Lighting" tab is not required, but will allow for a more accurate assessment.


Using specialized photometric lighting software, we can design your lighting project to meet current IES recommendations for light levels and uniformity for whatever your application may be. A detailed analysis can pinpoint problematic areas. It can also allow us to customize a solution that fits your clients' needs, while maximizing their energy savings potential.  LumenFocus will provide a clear report that shows your client what to expect from our lighting solution, including 3D renderings upon request.



We will not only design a full turnkey solution for your project, but we’ll also provide a detailed analysis comparing your clients' existing system to our proposed upgrade.  Our report will show your client their ROI, before and after energy usage, cost savings, HVAC savings, maintenance avoided, and available utility rebates. We will also show their positive impact on the environment.


We believe the lighting audit is a crucial first step in any lighting project.  A detailed, accurate, and thorough audit can help your project run smoothly. It can also help avoid any potentially costly errors or omissions down the road.  LumenFocus can help you with your lighting audit, as well as recommend the best and most cost-effective lighting solution.



Our highly trained staff can provide lighting training to your sales team or clients to help them better understand lighting concepts. We can help them know what to look for and expect from a lighting system. We can help them identify high potential opportunities and help them make better, well informed decisions regarding their lighting projects.