Cloud-based energy management

Universal Douglas provides sustainable controls solutions that can be integrated into many LumenFocus products. These controls can be utilized with CheckLight® - Universal Douglas' cloud-based energy management and measurement platform. Universal Douglas controls, together with Re-boardABILITY, helps us to provide a sustainable and upgradeable lighting solution.


Now Universal Douglas, the former Douglas Lighting Controls, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of lighting control equipment for the US and Canada since 1962. In the early 2000s, Douglas added internet control and web access to its LonWorks lighting control product group.

Douglas became a member of the Panasonic Group after its purchase by Panasonic Lighting Americas in 2010. This allowed the Douglas team to pair up their industry expertise with the backing of a global enterprise. In 2021, the two entities Douglas Lighting Controls and Universal Lighting Technologies were acquired by Atar Capital, and started an initiative to join the two companies into one, cobranded under the Universal Douglas banner.  Universal Douglas has provided lighting control systems across North America in schools, offices, commercial buildings, campuses and sports complexes.

Universal Douglas' Bluetooth® sensors can be integrated in many of our high bays, troffers/lay-ins, and retrofit kits.


The Universal Douglas Bluetooth Intelligent Fixture Sensor (IFS), as well as the Intelligent Fixture Controller (IFC), can be used in many of our indoor products - such as our FormFocus FFR retrofit and FormFocus FFL troffer series. These products can be used in mounting heights up to 16.4 feet, and are ideal for applications like offices and medical buildings. The sensors can be networked with the controllers using the Universal Douglas Bluetooth app for room, area, or floor lighting controls. Part of the Dialog family of networked controls, the IFS and IFC can communicate with other Dialog wireless switches, sensors and load controllers. This allows for building-wide advanced controls strategies.

  • 0-10V dimming with dim-to-off
  • Occupancy, vacancy, partial-on and partial-off
  • Occupancy timeout adjustable from 5 to 90 minutes
  • Primary and secondary daylight harvesting
  • Bluetooth beacon for digital ceiling, IoT and location services strategies
  • Commissioning through Universal Douglas app from Apple app store
  • 150-foot clear line of sight, 50 feet through standard walls
  • May be used with dual-channel, tunable white LED drivers providing auxiliary output power and dim-to-off capability
  • 0-10V dimming with dim-to-off
  • Listed for emergency control when used on dedicated emergency power bus
  • Same occupancy and daylight controls as the IFS when networked with one or more IFS sensors
  • Bluetooth beacon for digital ceiling, IoT and location services strategies
  • Commissioning through Universal Douglas app from Apple app store
  • 150-foot clear line of sight, 50 feet through standard walls
  • May be used with dual-channel, tunable white LED drivers providing auxiliary output power and dim-to-off capability

The Universal Douglas FMS sensor is for high bay applications, and can be utilized in many of our product lines such as the PBL G2. This sensor has a max mounting height up to 40 feet and is ideal for applications like warehouses and manufacturing facilities. It can be installed for on/off control or bi-level light functionality. The daylight sensor provides additional savings by dimming the lights to work with the amount of natural available daylight.

high bay sensor jpg
  • Configuration from the floor via the smartphone app
  • Bluetooth mesh network is created between devices for control over a group of Universal Douglas sensors
  • Occupancy and daylight sensing
  • IP65-rated
  • 0-10V dimming
  • 150 feet clear line of site, 50 feet through standard walls (distances may vary based on location and environment)
high bay sensor jpg


Universal Douglas controls can be integrated with the CheckLight® Energy Management system. With CheckLight®, you can uncover energy conversion opportunities, create conservation strategies, analyze lighting load inefficiencies, and make configuration changes from anywhere using Universal Douglas' user-friendly interface. You can get measurements, reports and control your system from a web-based application. CheckLight® also provides a way to remain code compliant as codes continue to evolve.


  • Secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Dashboard for energy management and monitoring
  • Remote system access through a cellular modem
  • OpenADR (automated demand reponse) ready
  • System warnings and alerts through email
  • Compatible with Universal Douglas' Dialog networked systems
  • Manual control for on/off and dimming
  • The configuration of outputs, groups, presets, modes, behaviors, constant light control, schedules and system settings
systemarchitecture dkgray

CheckLight® devices provide data to the lighting control unit (LCU), which then provides data to the cloud through a cellular router. Then it can be reported and shared. Utilizing the energy use dashboard, users can monitor their system's performance and make decisions about optimizing their system. They can adjust schedules, modify trim levels or make zone adjustments.


CheckLight® has the capability to look at different facilities within a portfolio and use data benchmarks to compare building performances. This can help you realize energy conservation opportunities, create energy saving strategies, analyze load inefficiencies and optimize energy management across your entire company.

Data can be shared with building management software for complete facility usage of energy. This data can be exported in common file formats.



  • Hospitals/medical facilities - Specify and monitor lighting conditions in many different departments, offices, and clinics. Individual rooms can operate independently for daylight harvesting and dimming control, minimizing energy usage while still allowing global facility control to prioritize lighting schedule actions.
  • Office buildings - Take advantage of daylight harvesting to reduce energy usage and optimize occupant comfort. You could adjust lighting schedules in different office spaces based on employee use and occupancy - especially helpful when practicing social distancing. Company-wide monitoring means you can retrieve metrics from each facility.
  • Education - Tunable white capabilities allows for a more human-centric environment, providing visual comfort for students and teachers in areas like classrooms and libraries.
  • Manufacturing - Utilize occupancy/vacancy detection and set lighting schedules. Company-wide monitoring would be beneficial here as well.


CheckLite® utilizes security provided by Microsoft Azure. Azure employs all the latest and highest security standards. Data utilizes the highest encryption standards for corporate data security and wireless data transmission. The CradlePoint router can filter out unwanted IP addresses and ensure only allowed devices and users can control the system. The cloud database is also secured by Microsoft with IP firewall to only allow the CheckLight® cloud server access.

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